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Laurie is a British actor best known for starring as Callum Kane in Channel 4's teen soap Hollyoaks.

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Anonymous said: "do you think callum would look good in glasses"

I think he would look good in anything. Everyone can look good in glasses if they get the right pair.

Anonymous said: "I could dream of a scene to make Freddie better him and callum crossing paths Freddie trying to be the macho man only to be emasuclated by Callum"

That would have been awesome. Someone really needs to bring Freddie down a peg or two. I’m looking forward to Joe coming back (never thought i’d say that).

Anonymous said: "Who do you think wouldve been good as friends with Callum besides his ultimate bromance with George"

I think Dodger for some reason. I think Callum would have liked him because ultimately they were both really good people with their hearts in the right place. I also think they would have got along and brought out different sides in each other. I’d also have loved Barney (I still miss him). We saw them interact a few times and I always loved that.

Anonymous said: "Who wouldve you liked to see Callum clash with out of the badboys e.g. Walker or Trevor"

Yes but neither of those two. I’d have prefered Brendan and Warren.

Anonymous said: "Is it me or did Emma Smithwick start running out of ideas of development for the Kanes besides shoehorning Ally into them at the end of their tenure"

I think that was actually because of Amy leaving. They wanted to finish the storyline with Ally and I guess Ash was the only other candidate. ES was around through the last stages of Martha’s alcohol storyline. After that BK took over so whether she had more ideas, we’ll never know.

Anonymous said: "Is it me or when Callum first arrived on screen i thought his dark secret was he murdered his dad to protect his family"

I think that’s just you. hehe. I figured it was something to do with school or maybe having a criminal record but not murder.

Anonymous said: "How would have you imagined a dream scene with Brendan and Callum"

I dunno really. I always thought it would be funny if Brendan was having one of his strange moments when he tried to unnerve people by being an oddball and then Callum’s just complete lack of reaction towards it - because lets face it, not a lot got a reaction from it. When Callum had his little beard, it would have been funny if Brendan made fun of it too. Aww poor Laurie, his little fluff never filled in much.

Anonymous said: "Name 5 Things you would have liked to see Callum do"

1. Hang out with his friends more. Especially Tilly, George and Theresa.

2. Start working at the club.

3. Fall in love with someone properley.

4. See his Dad.

5. Get a dark storyline.

Anonymous said: "Do you think the Kanes would have increased and developed as right characters if a good producer came along"

Yeah, I do. They were all really good characters anyway. They felt real and they felt layered and the actors were great too. Shame we got such facile characters to replace them.

Anonymous said: "This should have been ideal storylines for Ash, Callum and Lacey: Ash: In a late night special after getting a date getting crushed by a chandelier, Callum: Alcohol Addiction, Relationship with Dad, Him and george clashing: Lacey: Drug Addiction and having a baby"

I like the Ash one, that’s abstract. Callum’s would have been great. I don’t like the idea of Lacey having a baby; there’s too many pregnancy storylines on Hollyoaks as it is but the drug problem would have been good. Why weren’t you on the Hollyoaks writing team last year? :(

Anonymous said: "If the Kanes were very central if they stayed this year it wouldve been brillianth"


Anonymous said: "Besides the introduction of Callum's dad if they expanded the Kanes who do you reckon wouldve been interesting and not another secret half brother story"

I think Martha’s family would have been good. Like her sister and a brother maybe. I can imagine they’d all have been characters. Maybe a cousin too.